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Virtual Machines for Practical Solutions

Instant Compute Resource

Do you need a compute resource immediately or for a short time? Create virtual machines according to your needs and pay as you go.

Developer's Snapshots

Are you developing an app or doing important changes in your system? Create back-ups of your all system, recover instantly when you need it!

Testing Environment

Test deployment processes or run software across different OS platforms. Don't spend time on formatting hard drives.

Automate Processes with Our Extensive API and Save Time!

Start and Stop Virtual Machines

Automate the start and stop routines of your virtual machines! Pay only for the time when the resource is actually used, save costs.

Toggle Automatic Back-Ups

Enable backup of your virtual machines to do simple recovery solution once something goes wrong. You can even build roll-back procedures when doing software updates.

Re-Build Virtual Machines from Replicas

Recover your virtual machines quickly with replicas.

Create Virtual Machines in Seconds

Drag and Drop

Save time with resource cloning! Clone your virtual machines and all its contents with a simple drag & drop even when they are running.

Easily Schedule Backups

Set up built-in scheduled backups with a single click or take snapshots whenever you need it.

Real Time Monitoring

Manage all your resources on a single page. Monitor virtual machines with less than 5-second delay in CPU & memory usage graphs and alerts.