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Projects (full environments)

Projects is where you’ll manage all your resources. You’ll be able to set up environments, applications, share access across your team and configure everything related. Everything runs on containers and is auto-scalable out-of-the-box. You can duplicate whole projects or parts of projects within a simple drag-and-drop interface. New environments will pre-configure, old environments will dynamically re-configure, all in response to changing conditions or a better solution found by the system analysis algorithms. To put your resources to work at maximum efficiency.

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Networking and Visualized Topology

We use visualized topology to provide you with a complete overview of all connections between your applications and the outside world. You can literally navigate through the interrelations of all your resources through a visual map. And make changes where needed. When problems do arise it’s times easier to run system wide diagnostics and pinpoint the root of the issue.

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Auto-scaling with Intelligent Hibernation

Auto-scaling is built on super fast graph theory based algorithms, which enables your projects to scale on demand and in seconds. This means up, down and into hibernation. However you define your priorities (cost, performance etc) that’s how we’ll scale. At some point everyone sleeps. So to help you protect your precious resources, we take and hibernate your development environments at night. And do the same with projects on hold.

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You can monitor everything, be it simple resource usage to deeper debugging, to literally see where and what problems arise. We stream information in as much detail as possible, so you’re able to get in-depth insights into your applications health and needs. With the help of our algorithms you can combine multiple streams of data simultaneously. And select the most suitable output (D3 Library) to visualize and highlight what’s most important.

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Internet of things (IOT)

Our IoT specific features like location services make use of the full power of monitoring and in-depth data streams. So you can track, monitor and manage your devices, plus create them without leaving our environment. Stateless routing eliminates concern about sustaining continuous device connectivity and let’s you concentrate on building your fleet of devices.

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Big Data

To protect your precious resources we keep your data-intensive computing cost effective by always deploying the most suitable pre-built Big Data service for your specific needs. You can make use of cloud specific services, like Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift without actually moving to that cloud (also using Lambda amongst other solutions). And again, visualize the output with our network monitoring tools.

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Sharing & permissions

You can share or limit access and permissions to all or parts of your assets from projects to billing accounts. As everything is single sign-on there’s no need for any passwords. You can create and manage user groups, perform mass actions and define precise project specific permissions.

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Shared Workspaces & Real-time Collaboration

You can set up project based or personalized workspaces and equip them with any tools you find most use in and need. Similarly as you have several desktops on your MacOS, Linux or Windows. And workspaces can be shared so you can asynchronously collaborate across your team in real time. It’s Like Google for Work but designed for code. Remote pair programming, carrying out or taking part in educational workshops, sharing toolsets and insights is smooth and feels natural.

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Combining On-prem & Public Clouds (Hybrid Cloud)

You can set up your infrastructure across on-prem and public clouds (Azure, Google Cloud, AWS etc). Without the need to set up separate service accounts as management is centralized and we are the link.. Moving, migrating and deploying takes minimal effort, as everything is drag & drop. You can you set up cross-cloud deployments, auto-scale from on-prem to public clouds, when you’re short on resources and a lot more.

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DevOps toolchains and Workflows

You can make use of pre-integrated development toolchains connecting Git, Capistrano, BitBucket, Sonarqube, Jenkins and more. You can configure precise project based workflows, plus share these across your team. And make changes to your workflows for all related projects from a single centralized point.

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Event Notifications Through your Favorite Channels

You can call out notifications for almost every possible event within the system and your applications using built in settings and metrics you define. You can subscribe to alerts via email, SMS, Slack or similar. Plus configure when and how often you’d like to be notified, if cumulatively or periodically.

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Community Marketplace

Laying rock solid foundations for projects is easy and effortless. We provide you with ready-made environments and pre-built packages for Magento, Symfony, Drupal or anything needed for your projects. Environments are pre-configured to scale up and down and into hibernation, with deployments in one single click. Our marketplace will list extensions that will enhance and elevate the existing power and potential of your platform. And as with any marketplace you can share your creations with the community in and outside the Marketplace. As simple as receiving a link and one single click will install your package.

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Building Blocks with our "Builder"

You can take existing extensions or parts of extensions and create new applications, including your entire business logic. All within our system, without any additional software, using built in web components and all your streamed metrics. You can then share creations with your team or with the whole community in and outside the Marketplace. Or keep these private, until ready to benefit others beyond just you.

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Centralized & Intelligent Search, plus Commands

You can navigate through your entire infrastructure swiftly using just one simple central searchbox. You can quickly call functions that you most frequently use and autocomplete will help you find the rest. Executing commands like deployments from development to production, duplicating projects and stopping or starting environment are always at close reach. And if roll backs are needed, it only takes seconds.

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Dashboards and Widgetized Applications

You can capture snapshots of extensions or parts of extensions, with the metrics and data that’s important for you. You can widgetize applications, including specific notifications, health checks, metrics, activity and more. And fine-tune context based on specific interests or current needs. Be it projects, environments, applications or people.

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Visual Workflows with Tags

When you tag any component in your infrastructure, we take that tag and with it help visualize workflows within your projects. Tags like “development”, “staging” and “production”, or tags based on groups and metrics make it effortless to apply changes in mass actions. Or again see everything on a map of interrelations.

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Human relations and Communication Efficiency

A birdseye view of all connections and interactions between your team, freelancers and clients is always readily available and up to date. This gives you valuable insight into collaboration patterns, relationships and team efficiency. You and of your new team members will literally see who carries the load and responsibility. You’ll see who’s most valuable to approach across specific projects for knowledge or guidance. And why not mentorship…

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RDMA for Scaling Relational Databases

We help you scale relational databases while fully retaining the integrity of your data. We use hardware (RDMA or Remote Direct Memory Access) solutions to exchange data directly between a computer's’ RAM via network. While doing so we bypass operation systems and slower storage systems of both, which in turn permits high-throughput and low-latency networking. It’s especially efficient if you’re parallelly running computer clusters that are colossal in size.

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