Container as a Service for Agile Development and Deployment

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    Instant Deploy
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    Free Outbound Transfer
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The Most Logical Way to Host Docker Containers

Save both time and cost in your projects by deploying containers without any overhead.

Create your container from simple UI or export the configuration as JSON to automate your work.

Add persistent storage to your container to build stateful apps and websites.

Secure your own domain with free Let’s Encrypt certificates - go live faster.

Deploy images from any public registry such as Docker hub, and many more.

Use your private Docker registry to deploy your own code.

Deploy from your CI/CD pipeline using our API.

Build, Share and Run Applications from Anywhere

Docker Containers, plain and simple

Host Docker containers and leave orchestration to us. Get rid of managing extra virtualisation layers. Instead focus on your application and deploy it 10 times faster.

Containers to adopt DevOps approach

Increase the efficiency of your projects by adopting DevOps development practices. Enable your team to maintain an efficient collobration by using containers.

Implement your CI/CD pipelines

Fully automate your development processes by implementing your CI/CD pipelines with GitLab and GitHub from Jenkins, Circle CI, TeamCity, Bamboo, Travis CI, Buddy.Works and many more.

Build better optimized software

Build your apps and software in a simpler way with a microservice approach. Improve productivity, speed and flexibility and get rid of monolith structures.

Example container stack prices

Container stack:

Magento 2

Starting at

$22 per month

Container stack:


Starting at

$3 per month

Container stack:


Starting at

$7 per month

Container stack:


Starting at

$3 per month